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DLLutz    0

I am currently using a combination of Power base I & 2's with 2 D150A's in my

7.1 cinema setup with a Studio Reference II to power the front L & R speakers (2 way passive). I am changing the L & R front speakers for an active tri-amp set up and have the following questions.

Where would you recommend to use the Studio Reference amp to get the most value (quality). Would you use it on the Subs (2 JBL 4645B's) or on the Mid/high range horns. I realize there is a huge amount of power there for the horns, but would the sound be superior over the D150A or PB1 for this application?

I am using 2 Power base 2's bridged mono for the 2 subs now. One for each.

Just another thought, would you consider using the Reference amp to just power the center channel. (2 JBL 3678's)

I am new to the form, but have been using Crown amp's for over 30 years mainly for home use and some DJ work.

Thanks in advance for your input

David Lutz

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DGlass    0

The D150 would probably be your best bet for the highs as it would probably be the best power match. I wouldn't recommend using the SRII for the horns as this would probably be way to much power for them.

The SRII was a good amp for doing just about anything from highs to subs, as long as you correctly power matched it. I would look over the power specs of the other components, being used for the Subs Lows and Mid Highs, and see were it would fit the best using the guidelines for Amplifier Selection discussed in other postings of this forum.

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