Help! CE2000 amp just quit putting out sound?

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Hi! I'm new to the forum and have a Crown amp that appears to have a problem. Maybe y'all can help??

I have a CE2000 amp that I bought new at Guitar Center around year 2000 or so (my memory isn't that great, sorry), for use at home. I've been using it with an Onkyo P3200 pre-amp that I've had since about '93, a Sony CDP-C335 CD player that I bought new in '91 and a DBX 231 equalizer and Cerwin Vega E715 speakers that I bought new around the same time as the Crown amp. These devices are connected to a Furman RP8L surge protector/ power supply that I bought at the same time as the amp. All this is connected to a regular 110v 15 amp outlet. This is all used in my home. All these things have been working flawlessly for all this time untill today...

Today I was cleaning the shower and playing the Stones on the above-described stereo that's in the other room. I was playing it kinda loud. The amp input level was 100%, which is where I usually run it, the pre-amp output level was about 40%, and the EQ level was about 70%, which is where I usually run it. The only thing I usually mess with is the pre-amp level (volume control). The bass and treble controls on the pre-amp were set at about 10%, also where I usually run them. It was playing fine and then it seemed like the volume suddenly decreased like someone turned down the stereo (but no one did) and then the music just stopped. I think this was during the song Midnight Rambler (not that it should make any difference..).

Ok, so after a minute or so I went in the other room to check it out and as I got there the fan in the amp was spooling down and stopped shortly thereafter, all the components were on as normal and the CD player was still playing, but no sound was comming out of the speakers. No red warning lights were on in the amp and the rest of the stereo appeared to be normal. The green input signal lights in the amp were on, indicating it was recieving signal from the pre-amp. I didn't notice anything strange before it shut down, it seemed to be playing fine, didn't hear it clipping, the only weird thing was the volume drop and then it stopped. When it stopped thought, hmm... this is wierd...

I stopped the CD player and turned off the power supply, let the fan stop spinning, and turned every thing back on and tried to play the disc on a different song. Still no sound. I turned everything off again and tried to play the FM tuner and still nothing. I checked the reset button on the front of the amp and it was in like normal. Still, I turned it off and tried to push the reset and found that it was in fact still in, so nothing was accomplished there. I checked the fuses on the back of both speakers and neither of them were blown. The Furman power supply reset had not been tripped either and it was working fine. All the power, line in/out and speaker cables appear to be connected fine as normal. When I turn on the amp, it flashes a bunch of times all the red lights, then the green lights come on and the green lights go dim or bright as I adjust the volume on the pre-amp. All this is normal operation for this amp since I've had it so far as I can remember.

Did some kinda protection diode or something inside the amp blow out? I don't know much about the insides of this stuff, but nothing seems unusual on the outside, except that no sound comese outta the speakers when I play the stereo anymore... Any ideas??

Thanks for your help!


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Here's some info I forgot to say earlier. The serial number of the amp is B378681 and the amp has both 'banana' and 'round plug' speaker outputs as well as an SST-SX 'subwoofer card'.

The sub card addition doesn't have anything connected to it except the inputs from the pre-amp. I had Guitar Center install the card after I bought the amp, used it with a subwoofer for awhile, then sold the sub a long time ago and haven't used that feature since then. It worked fine for the short time that I used it.

The input voltage is set to 1.4v, the 'HP filter' is set to 'bypass', the mode is set to stereo, and the crossover is set to 120 Hz.

The amp is connected to one pair of the above-described Cerwin Vega speakers via some Monster Cable speaker wire and the pre-amp is connected to the amp via some Monster Cable RCA-to-'round plug' cables cause the amp has the 'round plug' inputs. Sorry, I don't remember what the name of these 'round plugs' are. They are common on professional equipment that they sell at Guitar Center and are not usually seen on normal home audio stuff. Just to clarify, there are only one pair of speakers connected to the amplifier.

The DBX equalizer is looped through the pre-amp on the 'monitor' in/out loop rather than in-line between the amp and pre-amp.

If I think of anything else, I'll post it here.

EDIT: I did some investigation and decided to hook up my old Kenwood 700M amp and Kenwood speakers to the same pre-amp, CD player and tuner described above and everything works fine, so the problem has to be either the Crown amp or the Cerwin Vega speakers. I somehow doubt that both speakers blew at exactly the same time (though it is possible I suppose). Right now, I'm guessing the problem is inside the amp... :(

EDIT AGAIN: Well, I did some more investigation and I have good news! The problem wasn't with either the Crown amp, or the Cerwin Vega speakers (well it was sorta with the speakers...) :) The problem was blown fuses in both speakers. My initial inspection of the fuses was only visual and just by looking at them, they seemed fine, the filaments didn't appear to be blown, but when I tested them on the Ohm meter, I found that they were in fact blown! So, two new 2-amp fuses later, and now I'm back listening to my Stones album on the Crown amp! I guess the awesome power of the Crown amp was just too much for the fuse protection circuit in the big Cerwin Vegas! Next time I'll have to put the volume a little lower.... ;)

Today's lesson learned: always check with the multi-meter before making any conclusions!

Thanks for your patience reading about my adventure!

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