trouble with crown ma5002vz

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I have a problem with a crown ma5002vz I bought two units used i don't know the history except there about 3 1/2 years old

problem :

when powering on the unit both channels go from signal ioc green to odep like normal , but after a second channel 2 keeps switching back and forth between signal ioc green led and red odep over and over.......I looked inside to check fuses and loose connections but everything looks brand new.. I also looked for the 3 red leds on the board inside wich i have read in other threads in this forum.....and my leds on channel two on the board switch from led stby2 (e201) to led dc/lf they go back and fourth ........(((((( the third led wich is output fault led never comes on I hope thats a good thing))))))

I have checked all switches everything is good i have removed the input card and still no change I don't want to hook up speakers until i know whats wrong ......i called crown they say the unit is out of warranty unless i can provide reciept wich i am looking for the original owner right now to see if he still has it since he said he bought it about 2 1/2 years ...

please any suggestions we got two huge events comming up for new years

I bought crown becuase i had never seen one go down but my luck

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dannyavila    0

Well, many things inside the unit may cause this abnormal behavior but there are three common problems in the MA5000VZ. The amp melts down the Full-Bridge rectifiers on heavy load conditions, the leads of the output devices get lose from their soldering spots (transport vibration?) and some missing tracks in the Power Output module. In your case, it looks like a Power Output device failure on just one of the steps since damaged output devices in both sides of the module blows out the channel main fuse the first time the failure appears. So the full-bridge rectifier will do. The PCB tracks failure in the Power Output PCB board caused by the dew/dust accumulation is usually located in the "Balance" circuitry area disabling the pots controls but this failure allows the amp to act like it turns On (Red LED steady) but the channel signal LED remains On and there's no sound at all.

On any case, your amp requires Crown authorized tech service. If you are located in USA you'll find an authorized service center close to you in this link:

or may contact Mr. Dave Engstrom ( ) at (01)-574-294-8224.

Best regards and Happy Hollydays.

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DGlass    0

All Crown amplifiers come with a three year warranty. During this time period an amplifier can be repaired by us or one of our Authorized Service Centers free of charge. After the warranty has expired you can go to any qualified electronic service center for repair, paying their shop rate. We do continue to service our products for many years after it has been discontinued, for a reasonable shop rate, but at some point we do discontinue Factory Service. The MA5000vz can still be serviced by us, if you desire, or we have several excellent service centers in California were you are located. They can be found at the link previous mentioned by dannyavila. :)

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