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This question is about how Crown rates power output. With my CE2000

connected to 2 Dale 50 watt 2 ohm resistors in serious, at full power, single channel,

I measured 72 volts at the output terminals. If I am doing the math correctly that

is 1296 watts. Other amps I have tested this way always fell within, or less than

rated output. I know these resistors are rated at 50 watts so I never test for longer

than it takes to get a reading. Is it possible that the CE2000 can output

1296 watts single channel for short periods like this? Or is my load

causing an erroneous reading. At what current does the amp start

to limit? 72v into 4 ohms would be 18 amps.

Thanks in advance.... Bob

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You don't say but I am going to assume you were using a 1K Hz signal for the test.

It sounds to me like you were reading Peak Voltage not the RMS voltage.

Take the peak voltage and multiply it by .707

72 x .707 = 50.904 volts rms (~51 volts)

Using Ohms Law: Power is equal to the voltage squared divided by the impedance.

(51v x 51v)/4ohms = 650.25 watts

That's pretty close to the published 4-ohm "Max. Average Power" at 1k Hz rating of 660 watts. :)

It looks like what you were reading was the Peak Power available at the frequency of testing not the RMS power.

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