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1st can you control the BSS 8810 via network or do you have to use 232 for the host computer?

2nd- running the 8810 in one area and another area with a 8810 and amps with cobranet card. Can the whole system be control from the first 8810 where the computer is connected?

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To answer your questions,

Yes, the PS8810C with firmware 3.00 or higher will allow for TCP/IQ and CobraNet to coexist on the same network port. The RS-232 port becomes inactive as do the IQ Loop connectors.

The second question is also yes, however it then starts to depend on system architecture and components. If the entire system is TCP/IQ components, then it is simply one large network. A computer connected to that network will be able to control any other device attached to that network.

If the system contains IQ Loop components, it can still be done, however it requires the use of an interface and the IQGateway software.

There are quick start guides available at that outline the hardware, software, and configuration necessary to support either approach.

Hope that helps.

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