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JBL for Crown K2

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Naim    0

Hi, I write from Italy and I am sorry for my bad English.

Yesterday I ordered a Crown K2 for my new home DJ gear, my listening room is not very large, but I want obtain a high level sound pressure with also good quality sound (controlled bass, present middle and sweet high frequency).

Now I must buy a pair of JBL speakers and I am undecided between SRX725 (2 x 15'') and SRX738 (1 x 18''), I think 725 can to have a more fast bass, and perhaps it can give me less problems into a no large room than 738.

Besides 725 is 4 ohm, while 738 is an 8 ohm, and I shall use only one K2 amplifier(passive mode).

I wanted read Yours opinions and to understand the differences between these two I shall decide about purchase.

You consider that I came from Hi-End world, so I like fine and well balanced sound,

though I shall use this gear prevalently for '70 dance and funk music.

Many Thanks


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Naim    0

Now I have understand K2 is not the correct amplifier for JBL SRX725, and I agree with my dealer to change product.

I must decide (I hope to choose better this way) beetwen MA 3600 and CTS 3000:

Which is Your advice?

Which fun of these two amplifier is less noisy? (I shall use it at home)

Perhaps nobody reply me before, to avoid to tell me that I am going in a bad choice? :D

Regards, Roberto.

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