CE-1000 Fan

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DGlass    0

The fan is easily replaced and like you said can be ordered from our Parts department. When you call you will need to have the serial number of the amplifier so they can get you the correct fan.

A couple of things fist though: The fan will only come on if the amplifier gets warm enough. Second you may want to have it looked at to verify it is the fan and not something else as we vary rarely actually see the fans go out on these.

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maple    0

Yes, some time it's not the fan that is faulty, possibility on the faulty darlington fan drive circuitry too. I'd suggest you operates the amplifier till it reaches a "warmer state" & observes any fan activity. If you don't see the fan running you can try unplug the fan & drive it with a 24v supply & see if it works, if not then you'll have to send in your amp for repair.

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