IT6000 - major trouble fault with channel 2.

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I have 3 I-Tech 6000's which were purchased new in September. All have been working fine until this week however I am experiencing a very strange fault with one of them for the past few days.

Basically channel 1 on this amp works fine, however something is seriously wrong with channel 2. At no stage does it produce any output at all, except for occasionally causing a little "blip" out of the speakers. It makes this noise seemingly randomly and whether or not any input is connect to the amp. It does not produce any output whether connected to an audio source or using the internal noise generators. It also does it whether or not the channel is muted or not. Channel 1 works fine.

The Clip light also constantly flashes on and off on channel 2 on the amp, and can be seen doing so from both IQWic (see below) and the front of the amplifier itself. Despite the CLIP light coming on none of the signal lights come on, the READY light does not even come on on the amp front for this channel. In IQWic whether or not there is any input channel 2 does not show any output level however the clip light keeps on coming on....

It is very strange and disappointing. The amps have been working great for us up until now. I have reloaded the firmware to try to reset the amp and checked all the settings from the software. Everything is set correctly, and the same as channel one which is working fine. The amp has been well treated and stored with good ventilation, given light use each weekend and generally taken care of.

This is a serious problem for us as the amp is in use as part of an install in a club and it is money out of my pocket while I am without it.

Any ideas what the fault may be? It seems kinda serious I imagine I will have to return it via my dealer or something? Below is a screenshot of the clip light on in IQWic without any signal present, any advice or help would be most appreciated.

Cathal Mooney

Outernational Sounds,

Dublin, Ireland.


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You will need to have your dealer contact the distributor for the UK to make arrangements on how to handle this. The distributor for the UK is:

Harman Pro UK

Cranborne House

Cranborne Road

Potters Bar



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1707 668222 (switchboard)

Fax: +44 (0)1707 668010

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