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psp_dj    0

Just bought a used CE-1000. Wanted to add CEAS2 onto the amplifier, wondering where i can buy the CEAS2 and have it professionally installed or if i can install it myself if it is not difficult. I live in San Francisco, CA. I actually checked guitar center but unfortunately they are out of stock and it will take 4 weeks for the product to come in and i wanted this to be done ASAP. If there any other alternates you can provide it would great.

Also does the fan for CE-1000 turn on when you power on the amp? or does it turn on only when in use? i tested it for 10 minutes and the fan never turned on at all.

Also since i bought this used am i still covered within crown's warranty? My S/N : 669482 9118.

thank you.

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DGlass    0

The fan in the CE 1000/2000 will only come on when needed.

All Crown amplifiers are covered under a three year warranty. :) One way to check the age of the amplifier, if you do not have the original bill of sale, is the date code on the serial number sticker. This is a four digit code were the inner two are the month of manufacture and the outer two digits are the year of manufacture. For example a date code of 0113 would be a manufacturing date of November 2003.

Just as an FYI an additional 3 years of warranty can be purchased from our parts department or your local dealer any time during the first three years of warranty. :)

You might try one of our service centers in California. Our Service Center listing can be found on our web site at: :)

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