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I am going to purchase a new amp and speakers for a karaoke set up. It will be operated at low to mid volume range. Was looking at the crown CE_2000 amp and a pair of JBL JRX 125's for the set up. Need to know if the amp is sufficient to power the speakers or if I need to go to the JBL JRX 115'.

Thanking you in advance for your help,


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DGlass    0

Following the guidelines discussed in other postings of this forum on Amplifier Selection the JRX125 speakers (for 3db of head room) require an amplifier that can do about 1000 watts with a 4-ohm load per channel. You could also use an amplifier in the power range of 800 to 1250 watts/ch. The CE2000 would be underpowered for the JRX125. I would recommend using a CE4000 for this speaker.

The JRX115 would be looking for an amplifier that could do about 500 watts with an 8-ohm load per channel in the power range of 400 to 625 watts/ch. In this case the CE2000 would be a good choice falling just inside the lower power guidelines but again the CE4000 would be a better power match. :)

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