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I have read several postings about CE2000s making bad noises when driven into clipping. I got curious and put mine on the bench into a 4 ohm pure resistive load and hit it with a audio signal generator with a scope in the output. I was amazed to see that even with the clipping light on constantly the output wave form never showed any signs of clipping. It would run right to full power putting out a beautiful sine-wave no matter how much harder I drove it. I know a sine-wave input is not a 'real life' test, but I still found it interesting.

So the question is, are they hearing clipping or maybe the current limiting circuit kicking in? I do not have a big enough 2 ohm load to try, but I am not a fan of running 2 ohms anyway. I know CE 2000 is rated for use at 2 ohms but is it a good idea?


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