Which Microphone is best for my video podcast

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ChicagoGuy    0

I am attempting to start a video podcast that will take place for the most part in a gym with other people around. This podcast will have two people hosting it. These people will be moving around and doing different things together and separately. I have no background in audio so please be specific and detailed if you can.

I was thinking I need a lavalier but I have no idea what else. I will be using a Sony DV for the video. Do I need something to separate the two voices to put them into the video or can my Mac with iMovie and the Sony DV do this for me?

Can you recommend brands and prices that would give me the best quality I would need for the situation. Maybe $ 200.00 or $ 300.00 or the lavaliers. Plus an equal amount for the mixer if one is needed. I'm just guessing on prices but this is the idea i have so far. This wont be a professional broadcast but would like to get the most that I can out of it without spending thousands of dollars on audio equipment. Thanks for your time in responding.


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Well that is a pretty big request and system designing is beyond the scope of this Forum. It also sounds to me like you need to do a little more research on what you will actually be doing. <_<

When doing video you have basically two ways of doing it. One is to shoot live to video and/or post edit later with software via the MAC. The Second is to run the video and audio to the MAC and use a video suite to mix the video and audio to hard disc for live video or post editing. Not knowing the direction you are planning and the capabilities of you software and computer I can only give you a few suggestions.

In the first case of shooting direct to video you would need a small mixer with a line out to the Video camera. Assuming the model DV camera you got has a line input and if it is stereo or not. There are many companies that make small mixers for mobile recording that run on AC or Battery (for mobility). Next you would have to look at whether the VJ’s will need to use handheld mikes, lavaliers or headsets as well as if they will need to be wired or wireless. Wireless would provide for complete mobility but again the receivers can be either AC powered or DC powered depending on the models. You might want to check out B&H Photo/Video for ideas on which models will suit your needs.

The second method of recording to Hard Disc can give the option for multi-tracks of audio and video mixing depending on the software and sound and video cards being used. In this case again you need to look at getting a mixer to get the audio into the computer and this could be a physical mixer or a software mixer depending on the capabilities of the sound card and software. Microphone selection would also again be based on application and need.

I can say that if there is going to be a lot of noise around the VJs than I would get the microphones as close as possible to the VJs mouths. For this application I would use our CM-311A headset mike either wired or wireless with the transmitter/receiver of your choice.

Sorry we can’t help you much more than the above. :)

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