I-Tech network problem

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Buddyfu    0

I'm a staff of ACE Shanghai branch.We have 3 I-tech model in demo(1 x IT4000,2 x IT6000),the firmware should be the newest(v1.301).

We connect these I-Tech Amp thru a net switch,and they work very good in IQwic.

The problem is when we change the software to SystemArchitect,they can't be edited.We surprise that they can be found in Network Wizard,and can display input level,but we can do nothing.

Last week,Jerry Stutzman from CROWN visited our office,he was surprised too.

Thus,can anybody help us to solve this problem?Although we can use IQwic instead of SystemArchitect,but I wonder why SystemArchitect goes wrong. :(

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DGlass    0

System Architect, Requires firmware version 2.0 for PIP-Lite, PIP-USP3, PIP-USP3/CN, and I-Tech amplifiers.

Firmware version 2.0 was pulled because a bug found in it. It should be released again very shortly in the "Crown HIQ Products" section of this forum.

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