d-75 bridged and reversed polartiy

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rickrock    0

I want to bridge my two d-75's to get 95w per side into my high box horns, (either a srx715 or 722 horn, I'm still deciding). The jbl settings for my drive rack show that the polarity must be reversed for the horn if you biamp, and the driverack PA model has no parameter for this, so it seems I'll need to flip the banana plug.

Simple enough, but which side of the amp is the hot side when it is bridged? A picture in the manual shows that whenyou bridge the amp, you put the plug in right side up (with the cord coming out the bottom half of the plug). That must mean that the hot side is the right red binding post, so I would flip it upside down to reverse the polarity. Have I got this right?

rickrock :unsure:

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DGlass    0

When in Bridge-Mono mode the Channel 1+ (Red) will be the speaker positive and the Channel 2+ (Red) will be the speaker negative.

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