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Eddie C    0

Why doesn't Crown have any information on their site about finding a local dealer? I know there's of ton of online dealers, but I want to physically walk into a store to pick it up.

Any know of any dealers in Chicago?

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DGlass    0

Dealers are constantly in change as new are added and some removed. Crown Dealers in the US are setup by our Regional Rep. firms and are the best source of information on a dealer closest to you. They will also have the best idea as to what the local dealers are keeping in stock.

A list of our US Crown Representatives can be found on our WEB site at:

The Crown Reps. for the Chicago area is:

Sound Marketing Illinois

10073 76th avenue

Bridgeview, IL 60455

PH: 708-598-6888 Fax: 708-598-7320

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