XLS 402B bridge mono wiring

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hello all,

im new to the forum, but have had a crown in my life for awhile.

i'm considering purchasing an XLS 402B power amp, but I have a simple question.

i plan to run the amp in bridge mono into an eden 4x10 8ohm bass cabinet. from what i've read in the user manual, it says to do so, you need to us a "custom y adaptor cable".

im just wondering what "custom" means. does that require me to cut up an existing cable and modify one, or can i simply purchase an XLR cable that splits into two, or is a "y" version of an xlr. i also own a crown macrotech 1200, but i've never gotten to use it properly because channel two never worked, so i can run it bridge mono. those amps though have a switch that you can select for the 3 ways you can run it.

does the XLS series have a switch, or does it just run based on how you connect it?

anyways, im mostly concerned about the custom y cable adapter issue.

thanks anyone who responds.

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DGlass    0

The XLS amplifiers do not come with a Bridge-Mono switch and will need a "Custom Y" cable. It is "Custom" in that you can either have someone make it for you or you can by an off the shelf female XLR to (2) male XLR "Y cable and swap pins two and three, in one of the male XLR connectors, for use with the channel 2 input.

Check out the posting in the General Discussion section of this form from July 5th 2005 entitled “402 Bridging “Y” cable” that has a .pdf attachment of the wiring if you would like to make it yourself at: http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php...=307&hl=y+cable

An explanation of Bridging and why a “Y” can also be found in a posting from August 1 2005 entitled “Custom "Y" cable question” located at: http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php...c=514&hl=bridge

I hope they help. :D

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