xls 602 ?'s (problems)

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buckeyes    0

i have a crown xls602 which has been great until last nite it started acting up it clipped out once i know this from being overdriven so i reset the breaker and boom it took back off so i turned down but it would clip out and have to be reset the only way this would stay on is at a real low volume if it was turned up at all it would clip out this is weird i usually could run this a little below halfway and would not clip out at all but last nite this seems to be all this amp wanted to do was shut off is there anything i could do would uping the ohm load from 2ohm to 4 ohm help out and should i look into relocating the amp i have about 4" space behind the amp any help is appreciated tia

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DGlass    0

Speaker impedance is not a fixed value but will vary with frequency. So an 8-ohm "Nominally" rated speaker could be 6.5-ohms or lower and a 4-ohm "Nominally" rated speaker be as low as 3.2 ohms in a certain frequency range. Not knowing your system it is entirely possible that the 2-ohm load, you have, is quite a bit lower and the amplifier was being pushed and over heated. Then never fully recovering from being pushed it was asked to start back up.

I would raise the impedance of my load, up to the 4-ohm load range, and see how the amplifier performs from there

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