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amps for my high ends

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binsoy25    0

Hi. The high end drivers of my system consists of 2 pairs of peavey RX 22 -8 ohms, one pair on each side wired in parallel. The rx 22 is rated at 70w rms and 140w prog so I got 280w @ 4 ohms per side. I was looking for an amp that would match to the wattage of the drivers like an amp rated at 280w /channel @ 4 ohms. But i never found that kind of amp usually the amp that I found is rated at 300w per channel @ 4 ohms. If I use the 300w/channel amp is it too much already for the drivers. There were other amps that i found rated at 200w/channel some are 230w/channel @ 4 ohms but it seems i am underpowering the drivers if i use them. Any advise and recommendation. Thanks and more power.

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