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steve    0


I´m creating a new Patch-Pannel for our I-tech Racks (4xIT4000). I was wondering if I can link the regular Input with the digital AES-Input. So I can use one XLR (110 ohm) cable for both ?!? The I-Tech has the option to select the Input-Mode, but does the other Input cause any proplems even if it isn´t selected, one way or the other ?

Next question:

I played a bit with the system-architect, but I was not very satisfied with it. Some of the new features are quite cool, like resizing groups of objects, eq-gain to fader otion and the whole outfit, etc...

what I am missing is editing a group of amps with just one amp-pannel, not just gain delay etc... I also did not like the new way of adressing objects, espacially if you have groups of amps...

what is coming next ? Are you just working on HQ-Net, or will there be new versions of IQ-Wic ? what are the upcoming features ??

Again sorry for my english



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DGlass    0

Although the analog and digital inputs shouldn't interfere with each other it's not a good idea to use the same cable to both. If you should forget how it was setup or someone uses the system that doesn't know what’s going on-it could be disastrous to your speakers to get full level AES digital because the amp wasn’t switched over to the digital input.

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