Connecting CM311AE

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Mcbob12    0

Does anyone know how you can connect a 4 pin mic plug to the CM311AE i looked around and no places do that so what do i do to get a 4 pin mic plug ot make it wirless???

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DGlass    0

The general model of the CM-311AE is sold with bare wires that will need to be connected to the plug of choice for your transmitter by someone handy with a soldering iron. With the microphone we provide a Tech Bulletin that has our wiring configuration and how it should be connected for several different manufactures.

We do sell the CM-311AE already wired to a connector for a few manufactures of wireless transmitters.

AKG CM311AEAKGS60 (with a switchcraftTA3F connector)

Audio Technica CM-311AEAT (with a Hirosa HRS-4 connector)

Shure CM-311AESH (with a switchcraftTA4F connector)

Telex/EV CM-311AETL (with a switchcraftTA4F connector)

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