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This is a ??? for anybody with a Com-Tech amp. I have three that I use with a portable setup( yes I know they were designed for installed use but they work so great!) Anywho, I Push them pretty hard for about 4 hours at a time. Ive noticed that they get very HOT. I know about the ODEP system that will keep them running if they get too too hot. But I was wondering if I should be worried about this issue of the constant heat or is it just all in my head. thanks so much, Benji

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Not knowing the load impedance the amp is connected to or the system setup I can give you a few simple pointers in keeping the amplifier cooler.

1) If ODEP is not engaging then the amplifier is more than likely within its Safe Operating Area (SOA) for temperature.

2) CT amplifiers were not designed to drive 2 ohm loads. Keep the speaker impedance at 4 ohms or above per channel.

3) Make sure the fan is pulling air in the front an exhausting out the sides. If it’s not it should be taken to a service center as either the fan isn’t working or the blades have shifted.

4) If using the amp in a rack be sure there is at least 1” of clear space from the side of the amp to the side of the rack. This opening should be clear to the back of the rack so the amp can exhaust its heat.

5) If using the amp in a rack use an open back rack so the amp can exhaust its heat. A closed rack keeps in the heat and doesn’t allow for proper cooling. (Closed racks should have an exhaust fan)

6) If using the amp in a rack and there are blank spaces above or below the amplifier install blank rack panels to fill in the spaces. This will help to keep the amp from pulling in any hot rack air back in the front and through the amp.

I hope this helps. :D

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