DB9>25 Wiring for Black Box?

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DGlass    0

It would be a standard straight through RS-232 serial cable not a Null Modem Cable.

Be aware that we originally wrote that the Black Box Serial to 20ma Current Loop Converter, number CL090A-F, was the unit we recommended many years ago.

Just with in the last couple of weeks we found out that Black Box has changed the model to a CL1090A-F. We have not had time to test the compatibility of the newer unit yet.

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rwphilli    0

David. Thank you for the reply. I understand it is not a null modem but am still not sure of pin# to pin# on the 9 to 25 pin connectors. As near as I can figure out it may be like this 9pin > 25pin.

2rxd>2txd, 3txd>3rxd, 5gnd>?gnd, 7rts>?cts, 8cts>?rts

Can you fill in the question marks and is anything else correct? I have the CL090A-F boxes but do not have an information sheet in front of me.

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