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Nevoavht    0
:( Hi, I had the IQ software up and running with the crowm CT series Amplifier for use with the new TALON ROC AK subwoofer, BUT my hard drive fried my computer and I lost a lot more information that I thought. Requst assistance for reinstallation and use

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DGlass    0

You mentioned you had a CT series amplifier but not what model. I also need to know the IQ PIP card you were using and the version of software.

Since the CT series could have older/original PIP cards you might be running the older DOS based software.

All of our PIP cards since the DSP/MEM/SMT models have had on board EEE or Flash memory. (In those particular models there was a switch to turn memory on)

Did you have the component connected to the computer all the time? If so what were you using as an Interface ?

The on board memory of the IQ products allows them to retain their last settings. So the devices should work even without a computer connected. Any other file settings that you may have saved on the hard drive will be gone. Sorry can't help you retrieve items from a crashed HD. :( A new or reformated HD and a fresh install of the software should get you going again.

Be aware that the DOS based software requires WIN 95 or earlier OS as Microsoft took over control of the Com. Port in later versions.

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