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XS vs CE

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Bud Bolf    0


That's a lot of Power at 8ohms. If you parallel the cabs then you are at

4ohms and 2000 watts Rms.

If you then adhere to the 1.5 to 2X the rated Rms for the size of a Power Amp needed to drive these cabs,

then you would need an Amp that could put out

3000 (1.5x) to 4000 (2x) Wrms at 4ohms.

Neither the XS700 (1900 watts at 4ohm Bridged) or the

CE2000 (1950 watts at 4ohms Bridged) will do this.

The XS1200 puts out 3000 watts at 4ohms Bridged.

The CE4000 puts out 2800 watts at 4ohms Bridged, using less than 200VAC.

and 3600 watts at 4ohms Bridged at greater than 200VAC

This is due to the PFC Power Supply.

Though both of these Amps are just at or below the 1.5X Power Rating,

you are more in the ballpark than the XS700 and CE2000.

The CE4000 has had a long reputation as a great amp for Subs, plus it

has BCA technology as well as a PFC (Power Factor Correction) Power supply,

that lets you use it anywhere. It is also friendly on the Amps usage, in regard to

AC power. I would go for this choice.

Nothing against the XS1200, and there have been some good responses

in regards to the XS series of Amps at other Forums.

I do own an XS900 and the CE4000. The CE4000 is on my Subs.

But that's just my 2c

Good Luck,


PS. You do lose some Damping in Bridge Mode.

Though you will see people running Bridged Amps per Cab(s) all the time!

I'm sure Crown and others will add some other choices and opinions for you.

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