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I have just repaired a Geodyne II amp and when I began to adjust it following the procedures indicated on the Service Manual. But when I reach to point number 4 I have a doubt. I can read that the input signal on the jack, the tip and ring should be shorted. Is that right? and then, what is N100/N200 I can't find it on the schematics nor the boards. Anyway I have to continue checking because there is an important and audible difference from the repaired channel to the good one but when I read the signal on the scope everything seems to be ok. There is an important distortion like when the speaker is broken, on low frequencies (bass kick), obviously the first thing I did was to check the other channel with the same speaker and everything was OK. Any ideas? I will keep on checking and measuring, but unfortunatelly I don't have some lab equipment like distortion meter so this will keep my hands tied for some tests. Thanks for your time.

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