Prosys 8810 firmware backdate?

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jcseattle    0

Recently the computer running IQ in our arena system had a hard drive failure, and we had to rebuild it. We did a clean install of Win2K and IQ for Windows 5.1.2, and everything was fine after a little tweaking. The system works, passes all its audio and all the units are online and responding to control page inputs.

When engaging a dataframe however, one of the three Prosys 8810 units will spit out this error:

Local Ucode Object ID not supported (Loop 1 BSS PS8810C V2.00x 101 Object 16310 Unknown Obj)

I checked the firmware on the three 8810's and unit 101 has V2.100, while the other two have V2.001. I also checked the laptop that we use for a backup computer, and the same error appears in its log. It appears that the previous system tech's answer to the problem was to simply disable the visual error reporting.

So here are my questions: Should I backdate the firmware on the offending unit, or just turn off the error reporting and forget about it? I repeat, the system works just fine aside from this error on download.

Is there a way to identify object 16310 in the unit? (To see if it matters)

How would one obtain old firmware and reinstall it?



John Coulter

Seattle Center Sound Dept.

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DGlass    0

It sound to me that there is an .OIF file conflict. Do you know if the PS8810, with firmware 2.100, was installed later as an add to the system on or a replacement?

If so it sound like the original file was made for, or with, the older firmware.

There are two .OIF files for the current loop version of the BSS PS8810. In IQwin 5.12 you will see that if you want to create a new device in a dataframe (Dataframe|New Components) that there are two selections. There is the BSS PS8810C v2.00x for units with firmware versions of 2.00? and BSS PS8810C v2.10x for units with firmware versions of 2.10?. If the wrong file is selected when creating a new device or a newer firmware unit replaces an older one that was in a file than not all of the control objects may line up in the .OIF file. As products go through their product life cycle new features and updates to control sets are done from version to version this may cause certain control objects to not directly link from older to newer versions. The file will be looking for a certain object number, for a certain object, in the older device and it will not be the same in the newer one, as the object will be numbered something else.

This is how I have resolved similar issues in the past.

Make a copy of your data frame file(s) to a safe location.

1) Change the address the unit with firmware ver. 2.100 to an unused IQ address.

2) Open one of the files. Unit 101 will be there but it will show off line.

3) From the Tool Bar select "Dataframe|New Components"

4) Create an object for a BSS PS8810 v2.10x with the address of the whatever you selected in step 1 for the newer firmware unit. This will give you the original unit, off line, and the newer firmware unit, with a different address, on your screen.

5) Left Click on the original unit and do a "Control-C" for Windows Copy.

6) Left Click on the newer firmware version unit and do a "Control-V" for Windows Paste. This should paste the operational settings into the newer unit.

7) Save the file. (This is were you need to make sure you have made a backup)

8) Any on screen Custom Controls assigned to the original unit will need to be assigned to the newer unit and the file saved.

9) Delete the original unit from the file and save the file. The file should be ready to go.

10) Repeat for any other system files.

Let me know how this works.

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