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Yeah ! Finally a perfect fit to replace our aging lineup of amps.

Wanting to use them in our local church but have a couple questions...

1) What is idle current, startup current, and current draw at average program levels. (So we know if we need new breakers.)

2) Are you going to make any lower powered versions for use in different applications ? We have a coffee shop, and a mother's room, but they don't need that much power, and we also have transformer tapped speakers floating around the building.

3) Are you going to make a version that can connect directly to transformer coupling speakers, or are we going to have to get transformers?

Looking forward to your response, and way to go on the perfect amp.


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I have answers to some of the questions.

1) We are still doing the final testing of numbers to insure that we provide accurate information. Class I amplifiers are extremely effecient allowing even the I-Tech 8000 to have a detachable 20Amp power cable and meet regulatory requirements.

2) We are always evaluating new product opportunities. Given the rooms you mentioned, have you looked at CTs? Coupling a dbx Zone Pro 640 Digital Zone Processor and a CTs4200 could provide the solution you are looking for.

3) The power ranges and voltage rails on the I-Tech are more than large enough to provide high impedance power, however they are not optomized for that usage. (The I-Tech have voltage rails of 200V so theyare more than powerful enough)

A better solution would be the CHseries which are designed specifically to work with hgh impedance loads.

Thanks for your questions.

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