Which Network connection for IQWIC on PDA

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I have a problem with controlling the iq network with my pda (mda II with Pocket PC 2003):

When I connect the PDA to the PC by Bluetooth and I start PocketIQ the field with Network Interface keeps empty. when i clicl ok no more errors appear but the remoting does not work.

Do you know how I can make it work?


Andy (Germany)

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On the desktop machine do you have enable Network Sharing for Bluetooth active?

What has been the most troublesome is that not all computers will pass UDP packets through their Bluetooth connection. You will need to check your documentation for more information.

What is the operating system on your host Bluetooth computer and I will try to simulate it in my system. The key item is to ensure that there is no firewall service between the Bluetooth connection and the LAN.

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