CTS & PIP Light - Auto-StandBy hard to Dissable

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Hi there,

we have 30 CTS 2000 & 3000 , controlled by PiP Light Modules. In the software the every auto-standby feature is turned off, but 3 amps still turn off, after longer time of no-signal coming in, and cut away the attack of a suddenly apearing thunder-sound. anyone with ideas out there?!

muchas gracias & best regards, alex

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The CTs 2000 and 3000 have a built in auto standby or sleep circuit in the design. The circuit is designed to turn off the output devices after approximately one minute of signal presented at the input of less then -60dBu.

You may want to look at changing the signal driving those inputs to be higher in level and then turn down the input attenuators on the amplifiers to gain stage the system to keep it from going to sleep.

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