Are all Crowns made in America?

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This question came up in another forum, and I quote:

also, re: the crown's ... are the models you mentioned chinese made 'low cost' line? or are they the same models that have earned crown their well-deserved reputation for high quality?

I answered that I thought all Crowns were American made. Am I correct in that assumption?



btw - here's the thread in case anyone's curious:

I'd be interested to know if anything else I'm saying there is off base. :)

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Actually the XLS, XS, and Commercial Audio Series are engineered by Crown in the US and manufactured in China for Crown.

The amplifiers are the typical Crown amplifier with all of the design being done by Crown Engineers. Crown designed the amplifiers to be built overseas, we did not simply purchase a design we created our own.

The amplifiers come with all of the standard Crown benefits such as a 3 year no fault warranty.

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