XLS Series ventilation.

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Sorry if I'm asking some silly questions. I just want to do this right.

In the XLS 202/402/602 PDF document, section 2.3, they say . . .

Do not block front, rear or side air vents. The side walls of the rack should be a minimum of two inches (5.1 cm) away from the amplifier sides . . .

It doesn't appear, from the photos, that the XLS series has side vents. And, more importantly, there aren't many standard racks where the side rails aren't bolted directly to the sides of the cabs. There won't be "two inches" on either side of the amp. Even the drawing in the PDF document show a rack constructed this way.

It doesn't seem to me that if I simply bolt an XLS series amp into a standard rack, that I'm going to have any thermal problems. Still, I don't like second-guessing the engineering recommendations.

Am I reading too much into this? Do I need to strictly adhere to those recommendations?

Thanks again folks. This'll be a great project when its done. ;)


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You are correct, there are no vents on the side of the XLS. However the chassis is used to disappate part of the heat as well. You are correct, you will probably be okay with a standard rack and it will work fine. If you are going to put in blank spaces in your rack, use solid panels for the amplifier spacing to prevent convection currents resulting in the amplifier drawing in the hot exhaust air.

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