data translation between different PIP modules

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Hi everybody.

I've got a dataframe file involving some IQ PIP USP2 modules.

I want to realize another dataframe involving an identical number of IQ PIP USP3 modules with the same internal settings of the previous ones.

Is there a way to automatically import the configuration of similar blocks between these two different modules (I mean, parametric filters, compressor settings, and so on...), or do I have to write down another dataframe, setting all the parameters from the beginning?

And then, may I be sure that one amplifier equipped with one IQ PIP USP2 or one IQ PIP USP3 module with identical settings, will "sound" the same manner?

Thank you.

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DGlass    0

The processors are different between the two USP products and there is no direct way of copying settings from one to the other. The files for the USP-3 will have to be set up manually.

The only difference would be in a parametric cut filter. A different algorithm was used in the USP-2.

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