Perplexity with CH-amps

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Dmitry    0

We ordered 12 pcs of CH-1/2 two months ago for stadium and big retail store installation. All our loudspeakers designed for 100V-line working. But all received CH-amps was without 100V output!!! We had contract time limitation and problem with CH's killed installation schedule. We lossed serious money. Please be noted, that information about CH 100V-output possibility still on without any changes!!! Dear customers, be careful. :blink:

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DGlass    0

You are correct we have dropped the 100v output on the CH series amplifiers. We ship an addendum with the amps but when we recently updated the web site that update seems to have been missed. I have mentioned to our website manager to have it updated.

The only option we have for this would be for you to use the either the CH or CL series with the TP-170V external transformers A second option would be to use CTs2000/3000 amps.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

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