MA-3600VZ Blown Fuse

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DJPEP    0

I had a generator briefly send 220v to my Macrotech 3600vz amp :angry: . The amp will no longer turn on. I was told there is an internal fuse to protect against this type of accidental voltage spike. What size fuse is it and where is it located inside the amp. I was hoping to fix this myself, so I wouldn't have to bring it to my repair center. I need the amp this weekend!



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DGlass    0

If nothing else was damage there is a 1A 3AG 250v fuse on the power supply board. With the top removed from the amplifier and looking at the inside, from the front, there will be a circuit board behind the two transformers. The fuse will be on the far left hand side of the board.

Caution: Due to voltages stored inside the amplifier extreme care should be taken when replacing the fuse. If you can not discharge the amplifier leave it unplugged and turned off for a day or two to reduce the risk of potential electrical shock.

If replacing the fuse doesn't get the amplifier back up and running properly it will need to be serviced.

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