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I am a low voltage designer, but usually do not dabble in the high end sound systems, Im more comfortable with voice/data networks. Anyway I have been asked to look over some submittals and spec's as a third party.

The specifications I am looking at call for a USM810 which I see is a discontinued model. Is the INT 3 the replacement model? I see it comes with RJ45 connectors but do not see any material stating if it is TCP/IP compatible. Will there be additional pieces required for this to work within a standard data Network.

The contractor has submitted a model by a different manufacturer that is TCP/IP compatible. I will leave the name out as to not step on any toes. I am just trying to make sure I am comparing apples to apples here.

Thanks in advance.

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The INT3 is not its replacement, the INT3 solely converts RS-232 Serial to Current Loop. The USM-810 has digital signal processing and routes and controls audio. If you want to control the unit via TCP/IP then you want to use a BSS PS8810C which is the replacement marketed by our sister company.

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