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redeye22    0

hey if any one out there has the know how on how to convert my 311 ae into a reg mic please write back. I really don't want to use a wireless transmitter and would rather use a cable. thanks a lot. redeye22

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DGlass    0

We have a product called the EQM-311. It replaces the belt pack electronics with the in-line wafer board electronics used on the CM-311AE to make a wired wireless but we do not offer the option to go the other way.

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brubart    0

To make a CM-311AE hard-wired, you need a 9V battery clip, a 1/4" mono phone plug, a 4.7 microfarad electroytic capacitor, and a Radio Shack 1/4"-jack-to-A3M XLR plug adapter/transformer (part no. 274-017).

Solder the CM-311AE mic cable white lead to the + lead of the 4.7 uF capacitor.

Solder the other end of that capacitor to the phone-plug tip terminal.

Solder the CM-311AE mic cable red lead to the battery clip + (red) lead.

Solder the battery clip - (black) lead to the mic cable shield.

Also solder the mic cable shield to the phone-plug ground terminal.

Plug the phone plug into the Radio Shack adapter/transformer (impedance-matching adapter). Plug the XLR end of that adapter into your mic input with phantom power turned off.

Please send me your email address, and I'll send you a drawing of this wiring.

Good luck,

Bruce Bartlett

Crown Microphone Engineering

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