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jcolley04    0

I recently got a new laptop and wanted to make sure I have all the latest versions of software but want to make sure that if I download IQ612 that it will work ok with older jobs that were programmed with IQ512.

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DGlass    0

We currently have two IQ software packages the first is "IQ for Windows" and the second is “IQwic”.

“IQ for Windows” is for older Current Loop systems that use products like the PIP USP-2, USM-810, PIP-MEM/DSP/SMT, AMB-5, SMX-6, the BSS PS-8810 (non cobranet version), etcetera.

“IQwic” software is for all our newer products and is Ethernet based. These products would include the PIP-Lite, PIP USP-3, USP-3CN, I-Tech amplifiers and the BSS PS-8810C (cobranet version)

Current versions of the software packages are IQ for Windows v.5.12 and IQwic v.7.20a.

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