Mid range and tweeters getting hot

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Jrh667    0

I installed a Sony stereo with three Masconi amps. 1 amp for my subwoofer one amp to run my mid-range speakers and one amp for my tweeters. Everything is wired through a processor. My subwoofers work fine and my speakers on my passenger side work fine however the speakers on my driver side are getting hot for some reason. I have checked all the levels on the processor and the driver side is the same as the passenger side. Is there a reason that it would only be effecting one side?

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joust    0

I will assume that this experiment has been initiated in a vehicule. What make? Speaker is located in the driver's door? Behind a panel? How did you arrive at the conclusion that the speaker was getting hot? Did you compare with the passenger side? What thermometer were you using? Were readings comparable to both sides? Is the speaker getting hot when not playing program matetial? Not off, but just no levels? Could the heat have been derived from some other conduit? 

This is not an easy answer to be given. Investigate and report back!


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