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DriveRack PA + Crown Xti4002 + JBL PRX412M

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I am a novice when it comes to sound reinforcement, and I would appreciate your help. We have deployed a DriveRack PA + Crown Xti4002 + 4 JBL PRX412M. Console is Yamaha MG32/14FX.  This is a small church with a band that includes Guitar, Base, Keyboard, Drum Set, and Singers. Speakers setup is a pair per channel on Xti4002, servicing two distinct areas. Initial goal is to develop a sound baseline, then later deal with band monitors, fillers, and perhaps subwoofers if needed.

How do I get JBL PRX412M’s Presets loaded into the Xti4002?

Do to physical layout, and a diverse preaching style, we have issues with mic feedback. We’ve been dealing with this by controlling mic gain and speaker volume on the console. I am thinking about deploying a small newer console with compressor for the preachers mic only, in order to prevent feedback. Is there a way to configure DriveRack and/or Crown Xti4002 to prevent mic feedback automatically?

Thank you,

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