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Bud Bolf

CE4000 and Cold Solder Joints

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Bud Bolf    0

Hi all,

I have a CE4000 Power Amp and I am now down a second time due to

Cold Solder Joints (CSJ)

The first time was a few months out of the box, when I turned it on, the Red clip lights flashed as they always do, and then just a loud noise such as thunder came from my Subs. I had not even turned the Amp Gains up yet.

I turned it off and back on but still the same thing.

I Tapped the front panel like knocking on a door and the red clip lights flashed and then Silence! I could turn up the gains and all worked fine. Right then I knew that I had CSJ's

I could then turn the amp on and off and use as regular for about a dozen times and then it did it again! Rap the front panel and then all was again OK!

Finally the Band that I'm in had a break, so I took it in for repair.

A few days later I got a call to pick it up.

The Repair invoice reads,

Resoldered cold solder connections on pcb as per Crown

Well, this past Saturday 7/30 it happened again.

So, I will need to call Crown on Monday morning and see where we go from here.

A bit frustrating, but I'm hopefull that it is a isolated incidence.

I'll keep you informed.

I just wanted to bring it up, in case this happens to anyone else's Amp.

Take Care,


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Bud Bolf    0

Hi again,

I have an update to my weekend post.

I called Crown Tech Support this Monday morning and spoke to Mark Chapman.

He was very understanding in my frustration, and gave me an SRA number

for return of my amp for repair.

He also sent me a UPS return label via email, that I was able to print off.

I will affix that to my Crown box and ship my amp out tomorrow.

Mark assured me that the PCB will be replaced, as well as taking care of any other problems (if any) that are found during my Amp's repair!

Hopefully it will be repaired and this will turn into a distant memory!

I did feel better after speaking with Mark, he seemed sincere in that Crown will indeed remedy any and ALL problems!

I'll let you know how it turns out.

FYI, if this happens with your Amp (Hope not) then call Mark.



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