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Does everyone using amps with 20 Amp cords use them on 20amp circuts? It seems unlikely. If not how do you safely plug in a multi amp system to a 15 amp circut?What kind of converter/power supply is going to give the amps as much love as they need to go full volume.

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Amplifiers will not pull the same amount of current all the time depending on the signal source's duty cycle, AC line voltage and the load. For example with certain input sources the MA 3600vz is capable of pulling 25 amps with a 4-ohm load and a solid 120v line source. It is therefore rated for a 30A power connector by regulatory standards. The MA2400 is capable of pulling over 17 amps and is therefore rated for a 20-amp connector by regulatory standards.

The AC connectors, supplied with the amplifiers, are rated for the worst-case scenario with the proper AC feed to them. If you were to plug the amplifiers into a circuit that was rated for 15 amps the amps may work on low passages but would be popping the circuit breakers when the music gets louder.

We have heard of people cheating to get the amps plugged into the 15 amp wall outlets. :angry: This is “very dangerous” as the wall wiring is still rated for 15 amps and should the circuit breaker fail “YOU” will be taking on the liability for anything that happens. Too much current flow through to small a wire causes heat. Too much heat causes a fire. :(

There is a reason circuits and plugs are rated differently and if you bypass this simple mechanical safety you could be putting yourself and others at risk. This is why you should always use the proper AC wiring and AC connectors. If not for your saftey but for the saftey of others.

Be Safe-Live Long :D

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