DC-300A Series II

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P=IV    0

I would like to perform basic operational checks and adjustments on a DC-300A Series II amp. Things like DC offset, bias, etc. A schematic would be most helpful as well.

1. I noticed there is very complete service documentation available for the D-150A Series II. Is a service manual available for download or purchase for the DC-300A Series II?

2. If #1 is not possible could someone kindly provide a brief description of values, test points, and components to adjust for DC offset, bias, etc.?

Thanks much!

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DGlass    0

Email me directly at dglass@crownintl.com and I will send you the schematics. As for the service manual I will check into why it's not yet on the web site. We have it as a .pdf but it is to large to email.

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