CM-30/31 Electronics Module

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gregleslie    0

We recently installed a pair of CM-30W's in our new sanctuary, then pulled them out because the cable was casting a shadow on our projector screens. Somehow, the electronics modules got tossed. Now I'd like to mount the mics on booms.

Are the modules available as replacement parts? I haven't found anything about it on the main website. Would any mic preamp work?

Thanks for any input,

Greg Leslie

Faith UMC, Tulsa

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DGlass    0

The modules are considered part of the microphone and are not sold separately. The microphones would need to come in for service. If they are still under warranty we would take care of the repair/replacement. If the mics are not under warranty and you state that in the SRA's description of the problem then you would be offered a replacement mic at a reduced cost to buying a new one, once we look at it.

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