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jbnoh01    0

I'm having alot of error messages, showing bundle drops on bundles 1 thru 4. These messages appear two to three times daily and rapidly add up thousands of errors. We have a total of 26 racks being driven on giga-bit fiber network. Sometimes these errors have a by product of digital noise associated with them. It seems that only the multi-cast bundles are having these issues. Does anyone have an idea of where to start with troubleshooting this issue. Thank you!

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DGlass    0

I think I will need a little more info.

What IQ products are you using?

What IQ firmware version is in the products? (Use Help|About for each product)

What switches are you using?

Is the switch full duplex or half duplex?

I am assuming you are using CobraNet since you are using Multicast bundles.

How many Multicast Bundles are you using?

How many channels per multicast bundle are you using?

Is there one or more than one device transmitting the multicast bundles?

Could there be more than device setup to transmit the same multicast bundle(s)?

What version of CobraNet Firmware are the IQ devices using? (this can be found on the CobraNet/CobraNet Setup page for each device)

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