Crown XLS 2000 and 1500 Drop then no output

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jonsharp    0

I have buddy who had two crown XLS amps, one 2000 and one 1500, in a rack case. Someone dropped the case. Since then the amps come on, but no sound from the outputs. I hear two relays click and the fan spins for a second then stops. Also I did notice that the reset buttons on the back were loose and easy to push in.I did not know if that was normal they go sprung some how. Any help would b greatly appreciated.



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joust    0

Hello Jon,

Can you confirm that the unit powers up? If not, I will recommend that you have the Crown guys take a look at the unit. Also, it may still be under warranty! :)

Can you confirm that the display module is functionning?

Can you inject some sound and verify the behvior of the level indicators? If the indicators function normally, then the amp 'should' work. If you still don't have sound, it may be an output connection issue, binding post or speak-on solder fault.

Hope this helps!


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