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Crown CE1000 Problem:gives random click

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AliDigitali    0


my amp seems to be giving a random click since a while.

i dont know how it comes..

the only thing i have noticed is that the fan does not go on directly when i turn the amp on.

but this can also be because the fan goes on when the amp gets to hot.

i have no equipment right here to test the fan...

does anybody know after how much time the fan should go on?

and do i heat up the amp if i do not connect any speakers? so i can test is the fan goes on when it gets hot...

does the 24volt fan works if i test it with a lower current?

or if anybody know were i can find more info...

thank you!

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joust    0

To all you guys with a CE amp : If it hasn't already been done, refurbish the amp!

Remove and inspect the main board;

Locate and replace LV filter caps; I replace the 470uF 35V for some 560uF 35V;

Locate and replace HV coupling cap : 10uF 250V;

Locate and replace the cap inside the regulator channel : 2.2uF 25V;

Locate and refurbish the fan drivers (D112);

Resolder all large connectors : filter cap leads, relay and Triac leads, the two regulators and heatsink, the four drivers (loacated on the output heatsinks), all emitter resistors and o/p devices;

Resolder HV section diodes, and tps; Don't forget to verify and ajust, if necessary, the bias levels.

Now for your fan questions :

The fan is thermally sensitive, it will be enabled only when it is needed. On power up, observe the fan : it should twitch ever so slightly.

If you don't load the amp (with speakers or other type of resistive load), no power will be supplied to the output section and no, it should not heat up except, possibly, for a bad bias adjustment!

It is possible that a fault occured at the fan driver section : a 24V trace leads from the driver mounting tab location to U4. If U4 is not supplied with 24V the ventilation will not work!

Hope this helps!


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