XTI 4002 - New user Peak Limiter/DSP Help Please

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mmag4247    0


I have purchased an XTI 4002 and i am hoping for advise if possible on using the speaker i have, or possibly purchasing more in the next 6 months

Set up includes running from either Allen & Heath Xone 62 DJ Mixer XLR Balanced

or Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 - Balanced TRS

Speaker are as follows, these have had very little use,probably around 30 hours max.

2 x Carlsbro Gamma

Carlsbro Gamma 15/400Passive Specifications: 8 Ohm

  • Frequency Response : 45Hz > 18Khz
  • SPL (1w - 1m) Max : 97/123dB
  • Power Handling ~ Continuous : 400W
  • Power Handling ~ Programme : 800W
  • Impedance (nominal) : 4Ohm
  • Crossover Frequency : 2.5Khz
  • 1" Compression Driver
  • 15" Powertone Driver

Either 1 or 2 of the following passive subwoofers (i do have another amplifier to run these if this makes set up easier)

Carlsbro Gamma 15/600 Passive Sub Bass

Frequency Response : 37Hz 125Hz

Power Handling : LF/600W Continous - Programme 1200w

Crossover Frequency : 150Hz

15" Powertone Driver

Dimensions (HxWxD)mm : 630 x 570 x 515

Weight : 36kg

Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)

Many thanks


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dakos    0

Dear Michael,

I'm very interested in helping you get the best out of your rig :)

I do see a few problems with the specs you gave me. I tried to find your speakers on the manufacturers web site to get better, more detailed specs, but couldn't. I saw they provide those kind of specs for all their products so I'm not sure it would have helped me even if I did find them. You can further read about why there is a problem with those specs here:

You have good gear from reputable companies (A&H, Crown and Focusrite) so I suggest your next speaker purchase, or better yet replacement, should be in the same level as the rest of your gear.

A few followup questions:

Since you have both tops and a sub, we will need a crossover to split the frequencies between them, the XTi4002 has one built in so we can use it for either the tops or sub but we need another amp with an internal crossover or an external crossover, so do you have a crossover? What other amp do you own? What type of music will you play through your rig (live shows or DJ)?

You will also need a computer/laptop loaded with AudioArchitect or BandManager2 (Download for free) and a USB cable to configure the XTi amp so prepare those as well. You can download it from here:


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mmag4247    0

Good morning and thankyou for the reply, :)

I initially bought the speakers and a Numark Dimension 4 amplifier in 2005 for a few bands i was doing the sound for,

initially all the speakers were running off the one amp, into the sub, and out to the tops units, but this didn't give a lot of control of the mid frequencies, so I picked up an XLS 202 which i was using for the top units only the numark amp is pretty bad full stop but seems to be good at pushing the subs and has a sub output, i am happy to continue with this as the subs and the numark will be the next upgrade due to weight.

The system is now only used for DJ'ing at small events, for around 100 people, to be honest it does fill the room pretty well at half volume and 2 subs is overkill as the top cabinets are full range

I have not actually used the XTI 4002 out at an event as yet, i have hooked it up at home, at low level, and updated the firmware in band manager to clear the resetting issue, but thats about it.

Ideally i would like to buy new speakers, hopefully something a bit easier to transport around but this will be around September and I have 3 events to do the DJ'ing for before this.

Many thanks


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dakos    0

This makes choosing "which amp goes were" very easy since only the Numark and the XTi have an internal crossover but the Numarks crossover is only built for subs, then this will be our subwoofer amp and the XTi will run your tops. The XLS202 is out of the game for now.

If you were to do live shows then all the configurations could have been done in the XTi but since you do Dj, you need stereo so we need two amps. Since your subs are 15" I would configure the crossover for Low Pass Filter at 125 Hz for the subs and 130 Hz High Pass Filter Butterworth @ 18dB/Oct on the XTi for the tops. If you find the volume not enough, well have to start upgrading your gear.

That's a good starting point for you. You should try setting it using other settings and see how you like the sound. If it gets better, keep going in that direction, if it doesn't then go back.

Let me know how it goes.

Make sure you do your research before you make your next purchase!!


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