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JBL PRX415M w/ Crown XTi2000 Series 1

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Are there any tunings available for the JBL PRX400 series for the XTi2000 series 1 amps?

I can only find the PRX400 series tunings for the XTi2000 series 2 amps.

Bandmanager doesn't allow those tunings for the series 1.

Is there another place where I can find those tunings for the series 1 or in any way to convert the tunings for the series 2 to tunings for the series 1? Or should I just make my own presets with the spec sheet next to me?

Any chance anyone who's reading this, that could help me?

Thanks in advance !


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joust    0

Hello Tiaz,

How about this : Open AA (Audio Architect); Load a Room with an XTI1 (first gen) and an XTI2;

Open the XTI2 panel;

Locate the File/Device Load menu item and load the PRX400 presets;

Click the RECALL button and load the PRX415 device preset;

You now have 'access' to most of the preset's configuration settings.

Make a note of the required configuration settings and write them back into an XTI1 preset.

And there you go!


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