Amcron 5000vz issue

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alexdiff    0

Hello,have some problems with this great amplifier and maby someone can help, at this moment left channel works great and right channel got no signal on output,when i turn on the amplifier on right relay couples instantly(no soft start or 2 3 secc delay) and the IOC indicator turned all the time in green like i have i have already a signal on the imput and ofc ODEP light is on same time as IOC,already checked the VZ stage and the output stage,all transistors are ok,no short circuit or something blown.Best regards Alex

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joust    0

Hello Alex,

The quickest way to determine where the fault lies is by swapping output modules. Since you have a good one, it should be easy to determine if the 'problematic' module is at fault.

If the IOC condition travels with the module, then the output module is at fault; You could swap one half of the output module of the problematic channel with the good channel to determine which of the two sides is faulty. Make sure you identify the half modules correctly!

If the IOC condition stays where it is, then it's not the output module:

- Verify the output termination module and make sure the output flex bars are not broken or sheared from the termination module;

- Verify the bi-level switch for shorted fets and refurbish the assembly (if necessary);

- Verify the control board for open fuse, correct wiring, etc, and refurbish control board and the LV regulators;

- Verify the display board for the IOC condition: IOC state indicator circuit faulty;

- Make sure you're in Dual mode, not in Bridge or Parallel;

I would also highly recommend a full refurbishment of the output modules if it was not done previously:

- Remove all output devices (make sure you put back quad (four) devices in their respective locations), the two bias devices, drivers and the thermal detector;

- Clean off the thermal compound from the devices and their surface contacts (heatsink);

- Apply a light coat of thermal compound to the devices and their appopriate contact surfaces;

- Reinstall all devices; Clean solder contacts with flux remover;

- Don't forget to verify and adjust the bias levels! (330mV is alright);

Hope this helps!


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alexdiff    0

Thank u so much for u reply,working atm to fix this issue,almost forgot right channel(ioc fault one) relay, as soon i hit the power button it engages right away,there is no delay like the one into the working channel,i wonder can this IOC fault shares this with soft start function? keep in touch as soon as i get some results,best regards.

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