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Hello All,

Amongst my other crown amps I own/use:

- four xti4000's (first version)

- three it6000's (first version)

- one it8000 (first version)

Recently I deveolped a problem with one of the xti's: channel two showed signal being passed; LED's on front panel indicated signal/output but no signal going to speaker. The other channel was fine.

I called crown service with the serial # of the unit. I mentioned to service that there is a well-known issue with the ribbon cable / front panel on the original-run of the series. I also emailed crown the serial #'s of my remaining xti and itech serial #'s.

The result: Crown sent me (free of charge) new front panels/ribbon cables for my xti amps plus new ribbon cables for all of my itechs.

I have changed-out two of the front panels on my xti's (about 10 mins to do so) and they are up and running without a hitch.

Within the next week I will spend an afternoon to upgrade my remaining amps.

I feel that Crown took care of me.

Mike M

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